Zeus Speaks: Total Solar Eclipse Edition

Mighty Zeus is an Ancient, a Sage, and a Magic Man, a Djinn who dwells in a cubbyhole ‘neath the stairwell of Preservation Pub. When called upon, he channels the wisdom of the ages for all who would hear it, from the vantage of his cubby or here in the digital pages of Scruffington Post.
This month, Preservation Pub will hold a rooftop Solar Eclipse Party beginning around noon on Monday, Aug. 21. And we’ve asked Zeus to hold forth on the celestial wonders beheld on that auspicious and blessed afternoon.

SP: According to the Internet, oh Zeus, a given location will see a total solar eclipse only once every 375 years. How, then, should we interpret the fact of this rarefied event occurring in our own lifetimes?
Z: The eclipse forecasts change and transformation. It also serves a warning to get our lives in order. The Universe is watching, and we need an awakening within ourselves.
The eclipse represents the Trinity — Mother Earth, the Sun and the Moon. The commingling of black and white, which the eclipse creates, is a symbol for peace and harmony between the races. It’s the Universe’s way of saying we need to come together in unity and peace.
SP: Are there any malign spirits that might be associated with the eclipse?
Z: Well, it does symbolize the arrival of Something, or Somebody. What? Or Who? We can’t know. But when there is alignment, there is a Gateway. It’s a Gateway for something to come through to us. And it’s a Gateway that some of those who are with us now may leave through.
The thing is that the energy of the eclipse can be positive or negative. If your own energy is positive, then it will react positively with you. But if your energy is negative, it will amplify that negative energy you already have.
SP: We’re going through a period of exceptional strife and violence. Is it a coincidence that the eclipse is happening now?
Z: It’s a sign of the times. This unrest, it’s been foretold in all the sacred books. If you have focused on God, then it should not be a surprise. If you have focused on God, then you will be prepared for all of this.

Please come to the Preservation Pub/Scruffy City Hall Dark Side of the Moon Rooftop Total Solar Eclipse Party on Monday, Aug. 21 at noon. There will be an eclipse, appropriate music, and plenty of beer.

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