From the Vault: The ’90s redux

Many of Knoxville’s favorite acts of yesteryear have seen a resurgence, however brief, on the stage at Preservation Pub. Following is a short selection of Knoxville’s ’90s favorites who have played the Pub in more recent times.

Rude, crude, and politically incorrect, shock rocker Fat Bastard, aka Mark Shetterly, never missed an opportunity to offend back in his frequent local performances of the mid-to-late 1990s. Here, he recalls some of that repellent magic from the stage of the Pub.

Goth-mosh pioneers Immortal Chorus were arguably the city’s most popular rock ‘n’ roll band round about 1994. Frontman Steve Britton — he of the soaring, Peter Murphy-esque pipes — later served a stint as a bartender at the Pub.

Pegasi 51 began life in the late ’90s as a rock-ribbed post-punk and industrial metal hybrid. They enjoyed a brief return in the ’00s playing a more stripped-down brand of melodic punk rock.

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