Zeus Speaks

unnamedZeus is a djinni who holds counsel beneath the stairs at Preservation Pub. 

Oh Zeus, give us your wise take on the first two Presidential debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. What do the spirits say?

Z: I think no one really answered any questions.

And what about the vice-presidential debate?

Z: I really don’t care. All of them, all of the candidates are liars. It doesn’t matter who you vote for. They can all be corrupted.

It’s been wild and woolly, watching University of Tennessee football this year. The team is 5-1, with a big comeback in nearly every game. Do the gods favor us?

Z: We are blessed. And we’re good. Some people would say, ‘lucky.’ Some would say it’s a miracle. But it still means victory. It’s all about faith, and the team believing in themselves.

In the NFL, Tom Brady has finally come back from his Deflategate suspension. How do the spirits view his suspension and comeback?

Z: They think it was all stupid. We have more important things to worry about than deflating footballs. It’s one small pebble on a big beach, that a couple of pedestrians happened to step on during their journey to Nowhere.

What advice do you have for us during this Halloween season?

Z: I think people need to take more time to pray and meditate. Because darkness is free to roam during this time.

Zeus’ Quote of the Month: “The season of change is upon us. As the leaves turn color, we should all respect each others’ color. And treat each other the way we would be treated ourselves.

“To understand God, we have to become one with the Universe. And let go of the things we are afraid to lose.”


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