Blankfest: Trae Pierce and the T-Stone Band

If Trae Pierce never played another note of music, he would still boast a more impressive and varied resume than most any other contemporary bass wizard you’d care to name. Having hit the road with the Ohio Players at age 13, Pierce has toured and recorded with a list of luminaries that includes Dr. Hook, Phil Collins, the Blind Boys of Alabama, James Brown’s band, and rapper Flo-rida, to name just a few.

A four-string innovator whose repertoire includes slide-bass techniques and use of the talk box for bass, Pierce is also leader of his own ferocious rap/rock/funk outfit the T-Stone band; their two recent performances at Preservation Pub and Scruffy City Hall were among the hardest-rocking and most volatile that either venue has ever seen.

Pierce says the band’s live intensity owes to his background in church, backing up gospel bands on guitar and piano as a child. “If you went to a gospel concert back in the day, that’s what it was like — it was like one of our shows,” he says. “It was people making noise and having fun.”

Right now, the Daytona Beach-based outfit is on the verge of dropping a six-song EP. Look for the band to drop the first single, “One Nation,” sometime in the coming weeks. “The song is about coming together as a country,” says the burly, be-dreaded bassist. “Hopefully, we’ll se it by the end of the summer.”

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