Blankfest: Hudson K

There’s a Jekyll-and-Hyde duality at play in the work of Knoxville piano/synth and drums duo Hudson K. The sunny Dr. Jekyll side is represented by unshakably memorable quick-hit rock songs such as “Stuck On Repeat,” informed by singer Christina Hudson and drummer Nate Barrett’s love of ’80s pop. And the darker Hyde side is manifested in grand, almost orchestral laments like “The Knife,” compositions that are perhaps influenced by Hudson’s time as a conservatory pianist.

With the prospect of recording a new album looming, Hudson says those two inclinations are fighting for supremacy. And right, now, Mr. Hyde is winning.

“I love the idea of evolving and doing different things, and maybe now that means moving away from the upbeat, catchy pop song,” says Hudson. “I feel like moving toward the moody, more serious side of our music, the side with more personal themes.

“We all struggle between our serious side and the part of us that just wants to have fun. Our goal is always to do something that pushes the envelope, that stands up as ‘Art,’ but that’s still fun to play and listen to.”

In any case, the follow-up to 2014’s “Ouroborous and the Black Dove” is well underway, with Hudson having penned a number of new songs, a cache that will be paired down to 10 or 11 by the time she and Barrett enter a studio.

“We’re building a bunch of new songs,” Hudson says. “Ideally, I’d like to start tracking the songs in fall, have release in spring and then follow that with as much touring as humanly possible. But it’s still a little abstract right now.”

Some of Hudson’s newest songs will already be familiar to fans of the band, and she says other new tunes will likely debut at the upcoming Blankfest performance. “We love performing, and we like to road-test all our new material,” she says. “We’ve thrown away quite a few songs because they didn’t work as well as we’d hoped.

“We’ll try out the audience, see if they’re open to hearing some more new songs. I haven’t figured out our set yet. Blankfest is kind of a unique situation for us. But we’ll throw body and soul into whatever we do, and hope for the best. That’s what we always do.”


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