Blankfest: Electric Darling

It’s been nearly a year since former Dirty Guv’nahs members Kevin Hyfantiss and Cozmo Holloway joined with powerhouse vocalist Yasameen Hoffman-Shahin to form local neo-soul group Electric Darling. Now with ED on the verge of recording its inaugural EP, guitarist Holloway says the band is truly coming into its own.

“The biggest change from a year ago is that we’re more confident in what we are as a band,” Holloway says. “When you’re in the beginning of a project, you tend to go back and forth about what you are. You think you’re an R&B and soul band, but then you’re not sure it feels right. What’s our voice? What is our brand?

“Now we’re confident in our path. We fit together really well. We’re all strong in different areas, so I think that kind of helps it fit together, almost like a puzzle.”

Holloway says Darling hopes to enter the studio sometime in the next 30 days and put together a six to eight song EP. “That’s the way the industry is right now,” he says. “Most people don’t buy full-length albums anymore. Then in maybe another four to six months, we’ll drop another one, once people have had the chance to digest this one.”

A gonzo guitarist and veteran of a wide spectrum of local outfits, including the Guvs, soul-rockers Dishwater Blonde, and the genre-splicing Aftah Party, Holloway says he’s mined a new vein of inspiration in joining with the other members of Electric Darling.

“The energy and passion of these players, you can’t beat it onstage,” he enthuses. “I love the versatility of this band, and the musicianship onstage. I feel like there’s nothing that we can’t do. We have an incredibly high ceiling.

“It’s fresh. It’s like being in my first band, all over again.”


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