Zeus Speaks

unnamedZeus is a djinni who has lived at 28 Market Square since time began. Preservation Pub has since been built overtop his hovel. Every month, he holds forth in Scruffington Post on matters of huge import. And some silly stuff, too.

Well, now we have our two presidential nominees set, Hillary and the Donald. So what now?

Z: It doesn’t matter which way you go. We’re screw either way.

With all that’s going on, all the police shootings and racism that are going, now is the time more than ever to have faith in God.

Some people think the answer is to go somewhere else, to run and hide. But we can’t do that. Because the problem is us. And we can’t run and hide from ourselves.

It seems there has been a constant stream of violent incidents lately — religious extremism in Orlando, police-involved shootings, shootings of police. What’s the proper spiritual perspective on all of this?

Z: There’s always going to be violence. We can’t stop it. The volcano always erupt. Sometimes the best you can do is just stay out of the way.

I believe the nation is being tested, to see who it is we’re really going to serve. Our job is not to retaliate. When we retaliate, it makes us just as bad as the other guy.

The Olympics are coming up.

Z: Well, I don’t think we should be glued to our TVs. Instead of spending all our time watching games, we should keep an open mind to rest of the world.

Zeus’ Quote of the Month: We should focus on the spirit of an individual and not the color of their skin. 


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