Zeus Speaks

unnamedZeus is a djinni. He dispenses worldly–and otherworldly–wisdom from his hovel ‘neath the stairs of Preservation Pub.

How should we view Great Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union?

Z: I think everything that’s happening has been prophesied. Our is not to stress over it, but to observe and stay out of the way. Focus on the Heavenly Father, and on healing Mother Earth. And respect other people for who they are, and not cast judgment.

How can we heal the earth?

Z: Less drilling and more planning. We need to clean our oceans and clean our air.

The FBI spoke with Hillary Clinton the other day. What’s going on there?

Z: We don’t have time to be distracted by these little details. We need to focus on the bigger picture. Our job is not to feed into the negativity. Our job is to receive, reflect and transform. Our job is to focus on those who need help, and on those who will listen.

When we feed into the negative, it destroys the light within ourselves.

What are your thoughts about the Orlando massacre shooter?

Z: It’s not our job to carry out hate missions. It destroys the very core of love.

The U.S. soccer team got to the finals of the Copa America, but then lost badly. What’s the future of U.S. soccer?

Z: Everyone has a time to win and a time to lose. They’re getting better.

But we’ve got a lot of issues going on right now. The presidential race. Terrorism. Police brutality. Homelessness. Racis. We should be focusing on these things instead of on kicking a ball through a goal.

Zeus’ quote of the month: “When you meditate, meditate on water. Visualize water. Water cleans the spirit, calms it, and washes away the burdens and troubles of the present. Look instead of looking down.”

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