downtown dirt by manhole: Happy 30-21

bdayOn Tuesday, March 31, Preservation Pub Potty-Polisher-in-Chief Scott West — aka Our Favorite Felon — will celebrate his birthday at the Pub in a gala celebration that will include a performance by Kit Rogers’ latest project the Model Inmates, and the consumption of more Fireball shots than any sane human being should consider over the course of several lifetimes, never mind a single evening. It’s also rumored — and it’s only a rumor, mind you — that another local outfit will share the bill with the aforementioned Mssr. Rogers. When asked to confirm or deny, West Just Said Maybe.

For those of you who keep track of such things, West will turn thirty-twenty-one on that debauched and terrible evening, but don’t tell him I said so.

In the meantime, maybe you’ve noticed, on select nights, the projection of various and eclectic film classics on the wall of the building adjacent to Scruffy City Hall. It’s all part of a new something called Scroof Cinepub, wherein SCH will feature movie showings on the roof (aka “Scroof”), usually on Friday and Saturday evenings, in-season. Not to worry, though; the showings shouldn’t interfere with the carousing and other social discourse generally favored by the weekend Scroof-going crowd. Rather, the films on display will include a mix of classic silents and visually rich cult faves with the sound turned off. In other words, stuff that will passively entertain without harshing your buzz.

For a special mid-week taste of what Scroof Cinepub has to offer, be there Wednesday, May 25, when local keyboard whiz Ben Maney will improvise a “score” for “The Adventures of Prince Achmed,” a ’20’s-era German animated film, an illustrated fairy tale that is now considered the oldest surviving animated feature. And lest you’ve forgotten, Scruffy City Hall also offers a number of regular indoor movie events in the main hall, including Monday Movie Madness (the best, and worst, in horror) and Scruffy Science Theater 6000 (like Mystery Science Theater, only with idiots from Knoxville).

And in case you’ve failed to notice, Uncorked (the Artist Formerly Known As Oodles) has undergone yet another transformation (yeah, we know… but this time, it will stick, we promise), having been reimagined as a hip little books-and-vinyl bar. Still offering the same scintillating selections of cocktails and vino, Uncorked now features a variety of tasty small platters (think skewers, sliders, and other finger food) supplemented by a couple of larger dishes. All the while, you can enjoy, and even take a hand in selecting from, a dizzyingly eclectic range of vinyl records, played at appropriate volumes on the house turntables.

The vinyl is supplied by local used-record emporium Raven Records, and a shifting selection of vinyl is available for purchase at the bar.

That’s all there is to say until next time around. Now go talk amongst yourselves.

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