Zeus Speaks

unnamedZeus is a djinni who dwells beneath the stairwell at Preservation Pub. His specialties include spiritual counseling, and unusual homemade jewelry. Every month or so, he holds forth in Scruffington Post on matters great and small.

SP: It’s time for Trumpwatch again. What happened with the Republican primaries? Why did everyone just give it up for The Donald?

Z: I think a lot of people have given up because they think their votes don’t matter. But their votes do matter. They’re just voting for the wrong things.

We need to be focusing on taking care of Mother Earth. And giving praise to the Heavenly Father.

SP: What about on the Democratic side? Will Hillary Clinton win out, or will something derail her campaign?

Z: I’m not sure. Events have already been written, but they can always change. It’s a waiting game. There’s a cloud there.

SP: What do you make of rocker Prince’s death?

Z: I think a lot of people are sick, and they’re not saying anything about it. I think it all got to be too much for him. But everything and everyone has to die in order to be reborn.

SP: Why do you think so many rock artists have died lately?

Z: I think their time was just gone. Sooner or later, the Reaper has to collect.

Zeus’ Quote of the Month: “We should become more charitable to each other, as human beings and as nations. Because it’s not just one nation under God. It’s the whole Earth under God.”

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