Now Playing: Hudson K at Funny Ears Fringe Festival

Fans of Knoxville duo Hudson K oughtn’t miss the band’s upcoming performance at Funny Ears Fringe Festival, says frontwoman Christina Horn. “We’re currently doing probably the last touring we’re going to do before we enter the studio,” says Horn, during a recent 10-day jaunt across the eastern seaboard.

“We want to come out and play some new songs. Because we believe it’s always better to try out new music on the road, and see how people will react to it.”

And rest assured, Horn and bandmate Nathan Barrett are sure to throw plenty of Hudson K favorites into the mix, as well, songs like the ’80’s-pop time capsule “Stuck on Repeat,” or the haunting electro-goth war cry of “The Knife.”

The band has been around about seven years ago, born when Horn, a former conservatory piano student out of Chattanooga, met Barrett, a Knoxville-based drummer with a diverse rhythmic palate, as she bounced around gigs in the southeast. The two have since produced three consistently beautiful, strange albums of high-concept piano rock, music distinctively marked by the puissant femininity of Horn’s vocals and her breathtaking compositional instincts.

Horn says the band’s current plan is to enter the studio this summer and record a follow-up to 2013’s Ouroboros and the Black Dove. She says she and Barret already have six or seven new songs written and ready to record, and hope to come up with another five by late spring.

“We may release a single before the album,” she says. “I think it’s always good to do things like that, let people know you’re alive and what you’re up to.

“I don’t like making the same record every time. So I’m always trying to explore and experiment, find something new that I like. So far it’s worked out pretty well, producing three very different records for us.”

As to Hudson K’s upcoming appearance at the Funny Ears Fringe Festival, Horn says she’s looking forward to playing with several bands she and Barrett know from their years on the road, kindred spirits like Brooklyn-based duo Hank and Cupcakes, or Bostonian roadmates Little War Twins.

“There’s a lot of camaraderie with the bands on the bill,” she says. “We’re all fans of each other’s music. There may be some collaboration between the bands over the weekend; we still haven’t decided what twists we’ll add to our show.”

Hudson K will play Funny Ears Fringe Festival Thursday March 31 at Scruffy City Hall.

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