downtown dirt by manhole: February sucks, and politics

clown carSo we’re sitting in the trough of yet another miserable February — not even that miserable by ordinary February standards, really, but it still sucks plenty, because that’s what Februarys do — and we’re suffering through another late-winter blast of cold, as if the Gods of Bad Weather decided that, oh-no Bubba, you’re not gonna pass the tail end of winter like Pollyanna simpering in the attic without at least one more frigid kiss-off to remember us by. And we’re looking for ways to bide the time, burn the minutes until March, and that first demur blush of Spring.

Look no further, Jake. The latter half of the month will see Preservation Pub and Scruffy City Hall serve up MEOB (Feb. 20 at the Pub) with Madre members Stephen Osborne and Andrew Sayne; the Knoscars (See the Oscars unfold Feb. 28 at Scruffy City Hall); a Bernie Sanders benefit (Feb. 25 at Scruffy City Hall, with Tim Lee, Black Atticus, and Justin Fedor); and two excellent editions of Wayne Bledsoe’s WDVX Six O’Clock Swerve at Scruffy City Hall, Feb. 25 (just before the benefit) with the return of Dixieghost, and Feb. 18 with The Jank.

The latter is an all-star local surf-rock project led by local guitarist Chris Cook, former frontman for late and much-lamented alt-rock trio Mustard. Don’t miss The Jank, Jake.

And now a word or two about the Bernie Sanders benefit. We don’t do much in the way of politics here at Scruff Post. Lie with dogs, and you’ll get fleas, or so they say. But lie with pols, and there’s no telling what kind of verminous flesh-eating scum will hole up in your noodle. A night on the skids with Ted Cruz will make a bad case of necrotizing fasciitis look like a Sunday fun run, no lie.

But I will say that, looking over the list of mostly-contemptible jerkoffs running for Prez on either side of the aisle in 2016, the only one I’d piss on if his/her head suddenly went up in flames is Bernie Sanders.

I’m not sure how the Bernmeister will do some of the things he says he will do, should he be elected. But I’m reasonably certain his ideas are more plausible than, say, The Donald convincing Enrique Nieto to build a wall at his own expense along 1,954 miles of the U.S./Mexican border. Or getting ISIS to go poof into thin air through the sheer megalomaniacal force of his oafish bluster.

But the main reason I’m giving Senator Bernie a limited endorsement over any of the other dickheads in this repugnant frog-hop of an election cycle is that Sanders, by all accounts, cares about something other than where his next vote will come from. He’s an Honest Man. And in the world of Politics, that’s some real-ass camel-through-the-eye-of-a-needle shit, Jake.

And that’s quite enough of that. To quote the Hodge Twins, you should do whatever the F@#$ you want. It’s a free country, after all, for better and worse.


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