Zeus speaks

unnamedZeus is our resident djinni and spiritual counselor. He dwells beneath the staircase at Preservation Pub.

Do you have any advice as to what our New Year’s resolutions should be?

Z: Learn from the past. Focus on the present. And pray for the future.

What about some insight as to what’s coming in 2016?

Z: It’s going to be a rough year. We know change is coming. But change can be good if we focus on God and the Universe. We have to let go of our own thinking and understanding and have a Christ-like consciousness. Which is to say, universality.

We should strive to become closer to one another, have forgiveness, and respect all things. This is a year we should focus on giving.

We need to focus on our relationships. Because so many relationships are being torn apart. People need to know how to love themselves, so they can love others. If we know ourselves, we know God. Because we are all bits and pieces of God, and of the Universe.

Why do most people fail at their New Year’s resolutions?

Z: Maybe because they were drunk when they came up with them.

But really, if people had more faith in themselves, they would have better results. People should spend more time in nature, with Mother Earth. Get to know her again. That’s the key to being successful.

In sports, Alabama just won another college football national championship. Why do they win so much?

Z: I think because they always want it the most. They have learned to want Victory.



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