What’s in your earbuds: The best from Preservation Pub/Scruffy City Hall 2015

More than 500 musical acts performed at Preservation Pub and Scruffy City Hall in 2015. Here’s a few of our favorites.

1. Realm: Homegrown doom/stoner metal act features present and former employees of Preservation Pub.

2. The Black Lillies: This DIY Americana outfit, fronted by former CCstringband leader Cruz Contreras, played an album release show for their “Hard to Please” CD last fall on Market Square, sponsored by the Pub and SCH.

3. All Them Witches: Nashville stoner/psych favorites have played both the Pub and Scruffy City Hall.

4. Lil’ Iffy: Wizard rappers led by prolific local songwriter Wil Wright brought it all to an end in 2015 with their last show ever on the last night of the year, New Year’s Eve in Scruffy City Hall.

5. The Black Cadillacs: Neuvo southern rockers were Pub favorites before outgrowing the venue. But they came back this summer to co-headline Blankfest, sponsored by Pub/SCH and Blank Newspaper.

6. Guy Marshall: No one makes cry-in-your-beer country like this anymore. No one except for Guy Marshall.

7. King Super and the Excellents: Like Lil’ Iffy, these beautifully bizarre rockers said goodbye in 2015, ending a stellar five-year run with a show at Preservation Pub.

8. Hudson K: Electro-goth-pop outfit is a steady performer on Market Square. And the following video, filmed on the second floor Speakeasy of Preservation Pub, features quite possibly the best song in the history of Ever.

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