Zeus Speaks

unnamedZeus is the djini who lives underneath the Preservation Pub stairs. He is also the Pub’s resident Spiritual Counselor.

Q: We have another round of alleged terrorist attacks and other assorted violence in the news. What’s happening now?

Z: I think it’s all been prophesied. But I also think some people are helping the prophesy along. But I believe that we can’t live in fear. These are fear tactics. If we have love, we don’t have to live in fear.

Though we live in dark times, love and light will always prevail.

Q: Some studies claim that there are actually more mass shootings now than there were 20 years ago. Why might this be the case?

Z: I think a lot of people are tired of… something. They feel like they’re being held down, mentally programmed. If you focus on God, there’s no time for programming. The key for all of us is repentance and forgiveness.

Q: We’ve discussed this several times before: Once again, Donald Trump seems to be leading Republican presidential polls. What’s your latest reading on The Donald?

Z: He’s a kind of mastermind. He’s a mastermind of vision, creating things some people want to see and say.

Our key is to send the babysitter home and take care of our own. In other words, we have to be responsible for ourselves instead of letting someone else be responsible for us.

Q: In his memoir, Ben Carson talks about struggling with a bear. Do you think Ben Carson really wrestled a bear?

A: I think he may have been talking about the struggle within himself, to say grounded in what he believes. If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

Zeus’ Quote of the Month: “Life is full of choices. We must make the choice, or else the choice will make us.”

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