Zeus Speaks

unnamedZeus is Preservation Pub’s resident djinni and spiritual counselor. Every month in this column, he holds forth on matters of world-shaking importance. And some silly s#@t, too.

SP: We’re entering the thick of the presidential primary season, and everyone is talking politics. Why is Donald Trump the early Republican front-runner, despite his controversial remarks?

Zeus: Everybody knows him. He’s got money. He’s had TV shows. He’s owned all those business. He has celebrity status. So he’s got some standing with the people that count.

I think America is at a crossroads. People don’t know what to think or what to believe. What they’re missing is God. Too many people put faith in man, as opposed to Who created man. Their focus isn’t high enough.

SP: Hillary Clinton’s candidacy looks like it might be struggling. What do you think will happen to her?

Zeus: I think she’ll be okay. Because of who she knows and the circle of friends she has. Money talks.

SP: Why is it that independent and third-party candidates can never get a toehold in our political system? Why is the two-party system so heavily entrenched in American politics?

Zeus: America’s been so programmed in having to make the choice of A or B. If everyone focused on God, the choice would already be made.

But I’m not here to tear down one candidate or another, to spread negativity. I’m here to awaken. I’m here to spread light and love.

SP: What do you think was wrong with Vester Flanagan, the man who killed several TV journalists in Roanoke, Virginia recently?

Zeus: Too much work. Not enough rest. He had too much stuff on his mind.

Remember this rule: If you’re seeing triple, focus on the one in the middle.

Zeus’ Quote of the Month: “If we want to be healthier, we should speak healthier. What good is eating right if we’re living wrong?”

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