Zeus Speaks

unnamedZeus is Preservation Pub’s resident djinni and spiritual counselor. Every month he holds forth in this space on questions that hold profound implications for the future of humanity. And on some silly sh#$, too.

SP: You have many strange-looking metallic runes on your table today, Zeus. What do they mean?

Z: They’re angelic keys to the four corners of the earth. Raphael is at the top; Ariel is at the bottom; Michael is to the West and Gabriel is to the East.

SP: What do you make of the tremendous heat and humidity we’re experiencing right now?

Z: Punishment for disobedience. This heat is unnatural. It just ain’t right.

SP: What is your feeling about the Confederate flag controversy?

Z: I think there are all kinds of things we need to take down, besides the Confederate flag.

It’s a piece of history. How can you look back on it and learn from it if it isn’t there? It’s a reminder that all people deserve to be free.

There is no such thing as a perfect flag. They’re all covered with dirt. Flags separate us. There is no one chosen people, or one chosen nation. God loves all his people.

SP: What have we learned from the recent train derailment in Maryville?

Z: They were carrying toxic chemicals. They should warn of these things ahead of time. So we have time to think about it. The key is honesty. If you live in the light, there are no secrets.

Zeus’ Quote of the Month:

“July is the month of Cancer, the month of Love. Love is revealed. If you can’t reveal Love, then you die. Love is Life. Hate is Death. What you do in between the two is up to you.”

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