Zeus Speaks

unnamedPreservation Pub’s resident Djini and Spiritual Counselor holds forth on matters great and small.

Zeus, you’re always carrying a lamp at your side, wherever you go. What’s the purpose of your lamp?

It’s where my spirit and I are one. My spirit travels back and forth into it. It also represents enlightenment. It’s a symbol of the light that illuminates the path to righteousness.

What about all of the jewelry you wear? Is there significance to that, as well?

It’s all symbolic; each piece means something. And I wear many different colors, to represent the many nations of the earth. And all of the beings in the universe.

Do you believe there is other life in the universe, outside of the earth?

Oh, yes. There are beings all over the universe. There’s no way we could name all of them. Everything that we are told does not exist, it truly exists.

When people come to you for counseling, what’s the most common question they ask?

They ask whether they are traveling on the right path in their lives. I help them realize their full potential, that which is already within themselves. The key is to always focus on God. If you focus on God, God can focus on you.

Are most people on the right path?

Most of the people I talk to, yes, they are on the right path. A few of them are at a crossroad. When they are at a crossroad, I don’t give them an answer. I give them different points of view so they can find the answer for themselves. No one can tell the future. If someone tells the future, it takes away your free will to create.

Zeus’ Quote of the Week:
“Always speak righteousness. That way, the light can prevail upon others. Always speak truth. That way, you will never die in deceit. If you live in truth, you will die in truth.”

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