Zeus Speaks

unnamedPreservation Pub’s resident spiritual counselor holds forth on matters great and small.

Zeus, what do you make of the Internet furor over “the dress?”

Z: It’s a distraction, to keep people focused on stuff that’s not important. To keep them zombie-ized and under control. The dress means nothing. It doesn’t have life unless people give it life.

We talked about police violence against unarmed victims a few months ago. Now there have been more instances of police violence. What’s going on?

Z: It’s all about preparation for things to come. It’s all about control, and programming people’s minds for violence toward each other. We have to be Light Workers in this dark world we live in.

Everybody is beign tested right now, in the battle raging between two Masters–the Master of Light and the Master of Dark. A servant of the Dark will always seek out violence and conflict, to make sure he’s not alone in the dark.

What do you think about the members of the Duck Dynasty cast, and their outspokeness on gays, and political issues?

Z: The things they are judging, those things are not for us to judge. He who is without sin shall cast the first stone. We are not to judge; we are here to love one another.

How do you feel about the Hillary Clinton email scandal?

Z: What’s done can’t be undone. So let it go. You can’t go back into the past to fix the present.

Zeus’s Quote of the week/month: “It’s better to do good things than to live bad ones.”

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