Zeus Speaks


unnamedZeus, Preservation Pub’s resident spiritual counselor, holds forth on mattes great and small.

Mighty Zeus, there is a great and terrible controversy going on in the world right now, and it involves… football. What do you make of Deflategate?

Z: I think that if we spent more time relatin’, we wouldn’t have so much time for deflatin’.

You’re a wise man, Zeus. What about music? As a spiritual counselor, what music do you like best?

Z: Music without words. That’s the best music. That way, when you listen, you have no choice but to think and dream.

This cold weather sucks, and I am over it. Can you offer some counsel to help the cold-averse among us make it through the winter?

Z: Understand it for what it is – a process of life. We have to have it. But always remember:  This, too, shall pass.

Have you seen the movie American Sniper?

Z: I just recently watched it. It’s pretty good. I think Brad used Bradley Cooper to express the love, the sacrifice that sometimes we have to make in life.

Some people find it politically controversial.

Z: I think that’s because each one of us reaches different states of awareness at different times. And that means everyone will interpret it differently. The key is not to judge others for how they feel.

Zeus’ wisdom for the week: “We are all connected. The key is to love yourself first. The rest will fall into place.”

Zeus performs personal counseling and car-reading sessions on select afternoons and evenings underneath the stairwell at Preservation Pub.

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