Zeus Speaks




Zeus, Preservation Pub’s resident spiritual counselor, holds forth on matters great and small.

How did you become a spiritual counselor?

Z: God has to make you one. The spirit has to tell you what you truly are. People have to discover for themselves what they truly are from within.

What do you think about police violence in places like Ferguson?

Z: I will say this: if people don’t do negative things, it won’t attract negative things to them. You do negative things, and it gives an excuse to do what they want to do. They want negative reactions, so that they can have negative reactions. Then the more outraged we get about it, the more outraged we get. And it gets worse and worse. And eventually, karma catches up to all of us.

We are all cups. And when the cup is full, it’s time to collect. If people stop worrying about honey, they won’t attract bees.

Why is social media so popular?

Z: Because it’s programmed thinking. Society is programming people to think a certain way. They’re getting people to turn outward rather than inward. And that causes a distraction in the spirit. The key is to let go of our thinking, and put ourselves in alignment with God’s thinking.

Why are so many people depressed over the holidays?

Z: Because of the way the world is right now. The economy, the government’s actions. There needs to be more openness, more love spread. Over half of the world needs to be rebooted.

How can someone find their soulmate?

Z: Focus within themselves. If you know who you are, then your soulmate will know who you are. Your soulmate is never truly lost; you’re the one who’s lost. Your soulmate has always been part of you. The key is patience. Live in the now.

Zeus’s quote of the week: “The universe is our playground. Our job is to be as children on the playground, waiting for our heavenly mother and father to teach us, and to love us and raise us.”

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