Zeus Speaks

Zeus is the Preservation Pub’s resident Genie and Unitarian Spiritual Counselor. We like to check in with him every so often, seeking his wise counsel on various weighty world affairs. And a few trivial ones, too.

What do you make of the War on Terror?

I think there’s nothing we can really do about it. The key is to stay close to God through prayer and meditation. Protect our people, and show love to our enemies. Only God can bring peace. We have to be steadfast.

What do you think about Joel Olsteen, the TV evangelist?

I think he has some good words, but something is not right about him. I don’t want to come out and say he’s bad, because I don’t want to cast judgment. All I would say about him is you should spend more time with God, question your motives and pray for forgiveness. You cannot lie to God. You may pull a fast one on your neighbor, and your brother. But you can’t fool God.

What about Stacey Campfield?

Cut! Stop! Get him off the stage! When he’s moving forward, there should be a foot moving up behind, on his backside. That’s not what Tennessee represents.

What can be done about concussions in football?

It’s a lot like boxing; you get hit all the time. But I think it’s on them. They stepped out on the field. Why would I be a gladiator if I didn’t want to be eaten by lions? It’s common sense.

I’m not sure this is what God intended. I’m not sure God meant his people to play that kind of game.

Zeus’ Quote of the Month: “Let go of old ways and old concepts. This is autumn, a time of change. And when the leaves fall from the trees, it’s a symbol for letting go and being reborn in a bright new dawn.”


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