New Feature: Zeus Speaks

unnamedIn this new semi-regular feature in Scruffington Post, Preservation Pub’s resident Genie and spritual counselor Zeus holds forth on matters large and small. If you have a question for Zeus, submit it in the comments section of the website.

 SP: How would you assess our current political climate?

Z: Politics has a place. Everything has a place and a purpose. But some things, the nature of Mother Earth has to take care of. Our job is to be focused on God, and live day to day.

I think we need to go back to living off the land. Money is ruining the world. It sets family against family; it causes divisiveness. People concentrate on the things that are unnecessary, rather than the things that are necessary. We need to be more creative with our minds and hearts and spirit. If one person suffers, we all suffer. We must learn to live, breathe, and think God.

SP: Healthcare is a big issue right now. What are your thoughts on our healthcare system?

Z: I think we should be more like Canada. You can’t have a healthy nation if the nation isn’t healthy.

SP: What do you make of the current Ebola scare?

Z: I think history repeats itself. It’s been here before. It looked different, had a different name, but it’s been here. I think there’s a cure for it. I think environment contributes, too. If you’re in an environment that’s already toxic, disease will flourish.

I think we have a great ability to heal ourselves. Through meditation, we can attain higher frequencies. Disease functions at a low frequency level, while healing is at a high level.

SP: Will the Kardashian sisters ever find true love?

Z: They’ve got to be true to themselves, first. They’re not true to themselves.

Whatever they’re sending out, that’s what they’re getting back. You have to start out right to end up right. Right now, their vessel is too full.

SP: My cat will not stop scratching the furniture. What’s wrong with her?

Z: Restlessness. Animals are very sensitive. Something may be disturbing her from the spirit plane. Remember that cats are protectors; they protect us from things of the Underworld

Zeus’ Quote of the Month: “Live in the present. Pray for the future. And love each other.”



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