Heavy Rotation: What’s In Your Earbuds?


10497901_10202570807580705_241767647165956279_oEmily Crutcher

  1. Wild Belle: “I saw them when they opened up for Iron and Wine in Knoxville, and I really liked them.”
  2. Elton John’s Greatest Hits: “That’s in my car right now.”
  3. Dave Matthews: “His latest, Away from the World.”
  4. Grouplove
  5. Phish: “I have a mix of Phish songs in my car. That’s just an all-time favorite.”

Adam Bonomo10152010_10152923965877598_4070433570928568907_n

  1. 1. “The new Man Man record [On Oni Pond]; it’s awesome.”
  2. 2. Speedy Ortiz: “Her last two records are awesome, too.”
  3. 3. “The new Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks.”
  4. 4. Balthazar: “I discovered them while my band [the Black Cadillacs] was over in Europe.”
  5. 5. “The new War on Drugs [Lost in the Dream]. It’s really good.”




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