Heavy Rotation: What’s playing in your earbuds?

Sara Nevill

Sara Nevill

Oodles Server Sara Nevill:

1. Widespread Panic

2. Phish

3. “I just saw Portugal. the Man at the Bijou; they were awesome.”

4. “I saw Primus the same week I saw Portugal. That was awesome.”

Caitlyn Baker

Caitlyn Baker







Oodles Server Caitlyn Baker:

1. “I really like Tupac lately. His lyrics are very empowering, especially for women.”

2. Contemporary Bollywood Pandora: “I made Indian food for dinner one night, decorated the kitchen and set the ambiance.”

3. Classic soul Pandora

4. Afternoon concert series on NPR: “I like Vivaldi’s Concerto No. 1 a lot.”

5. “Beyoncé, because, ‘Duh!'”

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