Heavy Rotation: What’s playing in your earbuds?

Kelly Van Kelegom

Kelly Van Kelegom

Kelly Van Kelegom:

1. “Guided by Voices is my current favorite Pandora station.”

2. The Silver Jews: “I think David Berman is a brilliant wordsmith. He’s published two books of poetry.”

3. The Shins: “I’ve been a fan since the Garden State soundtrack. They’re f@#$ing really good. They’ve transcended indie rock.”

4. Dr. Dog: “It’s the best shopping music. Dr. Dog is great for grocery shopping.”

5. Neil Young: “I’ve always loved his brand of Americana… Even though he’s not from the U.S.”


matt kilgore

Matt Kilgore

Matt Kilgore:

1. Mac DeMarco – Salad Days

2. Beck – Mutations

3. Portugal the Man – Evil Friends

4. Blossom Dearie: “She’s this lady from the ’50s.”

5. “The song ‘Nightcall’ by Kavinsky; just because it’s sexy.”


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