Heavy Rotation: What’s in your earbuds?

Sam Hull

Sam Hull

Samuel Hull, Preservation Pub food preparation specialist:

1. I go back and forth between BR549 and Tribe Called Quest on Pandora. It depends on what mood I’m in at work.

2. I’ll go back to the Rancid station pretty soon.

3. It’s 20 years later, and I’m actually just discovering Nas.

4. Streetlight Manifesto. That’s a band I picked up on from the Rancid station.

Sara McLaughlin (r)

Sara McLaughlin (r)








Sara McLaughlin, TVA zoologist and Pub Preferred Customer:

1. A lot of Broken Bells.

2. The Shins.

3. I like jazz radio on Pandora. It doesn’t have words, so I listen while I’m working.

4. I’m always big on Morrissey.

5. Ray Lamontagne. I’m preparing for his concert at the end of the month.

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