Heavy Rotation: What’s playing on your iphone (CD player, turntable, Pandora fave, etc.)

Jayme Hogan, Preservation Pub server, Marina Orchestra singer:


Jayme Hogan, and friend

1. In Reverie by Saves the Day.

2. Elliot Smith’s self-titled album.

3. A lot of Animal Collective.

4. Amnesiac by Radiohead.

5. Lots of local music. I just got the Yak Strangler record [The Duplex Dough-Sheeting Machine] and I really love that.


Jarius Bush, Preservation Pub doorman, Theorizt M.C.:

Jarius, aka J-Bush

Jarius, aka J-Bush

1. Q-Tip radio on Pandora

2. Erykah Badu has always been there.

3. This new group Shabazz Palaces; I’m in love with them right now.

4. A Tribe Called Quest is always on the playlist.

5. Outkast radio — It’s back to the basics.

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