Get a Life: What people do when they’re not at Preservation Pub (Yeah, I know, right?)


How were you introduced to the world of body modification?


Would you let this man put a hole in you?

Would you let this man put a hole in you?

My mom first introduced me to some of her tattoo artist friends several years ago. And the whole idea — the whole subculture, really — of working in a tattoo parlor really appealed to me. I’m a big fan of piercing and tattoos. But piercing was something I had a lot more of when I was younger.

What did you have to do to begin working as a piercing professional?

I get certified through the health department. I apprenticed for one year in Miami, Fla. That’s how I became a professional. Now I work for Synergy Tattoo on Clinch. I work by appointment only, usually a couple days a month.

How many piercings do you have yourself?

I only have four left. At one point I had 14.

What’s the most extreme, or interesting thing you do as a piercing professional?

I do single point piercings, which allows you to put a piercing anywhere you want. It gives you the ability to decorate any area of your body, bedazzle it and have permanent jewelry. It’s a newer practice, and a safer one.

Have you pierced many, um, you know…

Yeah. It’s a pretty common practice. If you’re going to advance in the industry, you have to be open-minded and advance to all areas.

What do you enjoy about piercing as a profession?

People walk out of a studio happier than they were when they walked in. If they’re insecure about their nose, they’ll usually feel better about their nose when they leave.

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