Heavy Rotation: What’s playing in your iphone (ipod, CD player, turntable, Pandoa, etc.)?

john post

John Post

John Post, UT student, experimental music maker:

1. The new EP from the Range (Panasonic).

2. The Hunt Begins from the Hunt.

3. The new YG. It’s a great hip-hop album—epitome of ratchet music.

4. Tinariwen. It’s Arabic instrumental guitar music, really beautiful desert compositions with windswept, ambient guitar.

5. Continent by CFCF. That album gets me through literally every paper in school.



Um, Marcus Mahler??

Preservation Pub bartender Marcus Mahler:

1. Devil Makes Three, for sure.

2. MGMT radio on Pandora.

3. Lots of Hank III. Solo—I don’t really listen to Assjack, or his other stuff. Straight Out of Hell.

4. Cage the Elephant radio on Pandora. Pandora has been my go-to lately.

5. The Tossers.

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