NEW FEATURE – From the vaults: Past performances at Preservation Pub

Lots of great music happens at our very own Preservation Pub. And in this day when digital cameras are seemingly part and parcel of every conceivable clothing accessory and personal device, a good deal of it is captured for posterity. Through the magic of video embedding, we look back at some of those priceless musical mementos, moments in time we’ll cherish forever, long after we’re old and decrepit and drooling on our flannels.

This week, in honor of the June 7 Band Eat Band finals at Scruffy City Hall, we look at past Pub shows from a couple of B.E.B. finalists: loopy indie-rock whiz kids The Crumbsnatchers; and arena-ready Big Rawk stalwarts Far Far Away. Both bands are frequent fliers at Preservation Pub/SCH, and will vie for top B.E.B. honors next to fellow finalists Dixieghost, The Theorizt, and Marina Orchestra.

The pride of Lenoir City is captured here performing three of their early favorites: “Free Radical Minds”; “Damage”; and “Box on Cox.”

Far Far Away deliver a soaring rendition of “The Magic Show” from November of 2012.

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