Downtown Dirt by Manhole: Sussing out Scruffy City Music Festival

1622222_750840065004406_8603700049333840569_nIf you were as excited as we were last year at the settling of Knoxville Film and Music Festival over in Scruffy City Hall, all I can say is: Prepare to change your shorts, Jake. Because the festival is back, bigger and better than ever. And with a new name, no less—Scruffy City Film and Music Festival, in honor of both the city and the venue which are now its permanent home.
That’s right, from the opening-night party, 6 p.m. April 28 at Scruffy City Hall through the closing night awards gala May 3, the festival will encompass six days of movies, music, mayhem, and libational over-indulgence for local cineastes and music lovers alike.
Highlights include band and singer-songwriter competitions; a composer’s challenge, for film score artistes; and a host of themed film-short nights, for dramatic shorts and sci-fi shorts and animated shorts and music shorts and Cargo shorts…
Okay, no. We were just kidding about that last one. There will be absolutely no Cargo shorts allowed on the premises, on pain of death and public humiliation. There will, however, be a handful of exciting feature films, the schedule for which is as follows: Continue reading

Who do you think you are: Former Pub/Scruffy City Bartendress Adrienne Corts

1907589_633138363496670_9118314737668232012_nWho is your favorite superhero?

I really like Batman. I love Batman. And I especially loved the original movie Batman, Michael Keaton.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

To time travel. Because I want to go back in time and see all the bands that my parents saw, for only $2.50 a show.

Who would you like to play Adrienne Corts in a movie about your life?

Lilly Tomlin would be awesome. I’ve been told several times I look like her.

What is your least favorite song?

I’m so sick and tired of hearing anything by Nirvana. I used to love them, but I can’t stand them now.

Who is your least favorite celebrity?

Tom Cruise. He gets on my last nerve. Not a fan.

What was your most embarrassing drunken moment?

I don’t remember it.

If you were going to torture someone, how would you do it?

By making them crawl in my little tiny shoes through the this whole bar, listening to everything everyone in this bar ever says, and then having to mix every drink they called out perfectly.

What would you say if you met the Devil?

“Ready, set, go, bitch!”

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?

‘NSync. Love ’em.

What do you say to yourself whenever you look in the mirror?

That I hope I make my dad proud.

Zeus Speaks

unnamedPreservation Pub’s resident Djini and Spiritual Counselor holds forth on matters great and small.

Zeus, you’re always carrying a lamp at your side, wherever you go. What’s the purpose of your lamp?

It’s where my spirit and I are one. My spirit travels back and forth into it. It also represents enlightenment. It’s a symbol of the light that illuminates the path to righteousness.

What about all of the jewelry you wear? Is there significance to that, as well?

It’s all symbolic; each piece means something. And I wear many different colors, to represent the many nations of the earth. And all of the beings in the universe.

Do you believe there is other life in the universe, outside of the earth?

Oh, yes. There are beings all over the universe. There’s no way we could name all of them. Everything that we are told does not exist, it truly exists.

When people come to you for counseling, what’s the most common question they ask?

They ask whether they are traveling on the right path in their lives. I help them realize their full potential, that which is already within themselves. The key is to always focus on God. If you focus on God, God can focus on you.

Are most people on the right path?

Most of the people I talk to, yes, they are on the right path. A few of them are at a crossroad. When they are at a crossroad, I don’t give them an answer. I give them different points of view so they can find the answer for themselves. No one can tell the future. If someone tells the future, it takes away your free will to create.

Zeus’ Quote of the Week:
“Always speak righteousness. That way, the light can prevail upon others. Always speak truth. That way, you will never die in deceit. If you live in truth, you will die in truth.”

Now playing: Gillian, with former Knoxvillian Kym Hawkins

10360539_401218036726403_1082191603580709253_nThe last time Knoxville saw Kym Hawkins on a stage, she was fronting Plainclothes Tracy, a local four-piece rock outfit that no one could ever seem to describe in one tidy sentence, theirs being a clever admixture of folk and prog and punk and pure unadulterated pop that defied easy categorization.

But Hawkins, an aspiring poetess, packed up and left town in the summer of 2012, bound for Sarah Lawrence College in New York City. Now she’s back—if only for a night or two—with an M.A. in Fine Arts and a new band in tow. And though her new five-piece unit Gillian doesn’t sound much like PCT, they’re just as hard to pin down.

It’s been an interesting two-and-half year odyssey for Hawkins. Besides picking up her advanced degree—with a focus on creative writing, and a concentration in poetry—she found work as a luthier’s apprentice. It was a good gig for an aspiring musician—Hawkins learned some of the trade, sharpened her own guitar chops, and made plentiful contacts with other New York artists. Continue reading